Overheard on a Salt Marsh

Several years ago, a lady visiting my studio, suddenly stood quite still in the middle of the room, very upright, with her hands very straight and pointing downwards, closed her eyes and started to recite this poem. She was 8 or 9 years old again and standing at the front of a class, reciting. I was entranced. She had absolutely no recollection of the poem’s title or who it was by and it took me some time to discover it was “ Overheard on a Salt marsh “ by Harold Monroe.

The words just called out to be made into a necklace!

The little silver nymph is holding a green glass drop; the goblin is a boxwood Japanese netsuke; the “Man in the Moon” is a carved Chinese bone head; the moon is a crescent made from a small off-cut of ebony to encircle him; with faceted glass; obsidian; serpentine; and red jasper.