Using Stravinsky’s ballet “The Fire-Bird” and the Russian folk tale which inspired it, this dramatic costume generates as much fiery redness as feathers and glass possibly can! It has three components;

The Broad Collar

A needle woven broad collar of iridescent glass bugles and beads with fire-polished glass and dyed Guinea-fowl feathers and a gold-plated sterling silver feather representing the one the Fire-Bird plucked from her chest and gave to the Prince to protect him. Gold-plated clasps and EW signature bead. Constructed around a “former” using ladder stitch and other threading techniques. The wispiness of the red feathers looks like licks of flame and have a gentle wafting motion when worn!

The Perruque or head-dress

I worked on a wig-maker’s head, experimenting with netting stitches until I found a formula and combination of stitches with the right degree of flexibility and firmness to make the head-dress sit and stay just right and the weight of the fringes helping to keep it in place. The “beak”, centre front, is of brick-stitched bugles. The crown ( not visible in the photo) is a brick-stitch diamond of seed beads.

The Spandrels or hand-ornaments

Two matching “feet” in my own design for the hand which I call “Spandrels”. Brick-stitched bugles and seed beads with a threaded ring which fits over the middle finger and a “bracelet” of threaded glass and rolled gold beads, adjustable in length and with a gilded “feather” end.