Divine Comedy

The amazing grinning, acrobatic skeleton is beautifully carved from Moose antler, a totally renewable material, and has so much cheeky character I just fell in love with him! Because his rib cage is quite fine and delicate, I wanted in some way to protect this and found a vintage hair comb with a broken prong which I was able to cut down and drill into this rather womb-like shape…hence the “womb to tomb” aspect of the piece…and the skeleton always has the last laugh!

Along with it I have used glass, bone, gold vermeil, faceted glass, “gold” coloured hematite, amber beads from a 1920s necklace, and large fusion glass rectangles with ectoplasmic swirls of colour! Unseen in this photo at the back beside my signature bead is a gilded Chinese symbol of Eternity.